Frequently Asked Questions

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The fees for the services, provided by the Geodesy, cartography and cadastre offices (GCCO), are specified in Tariff #14 for the fees, collected in the system of Ministry of regional development and public works (the Tariff could be found at:

Compared with the fees, collected by the municipalities (for sketches from cadastral and regulation plans) or with the fees, collected by the agriculture and forestry offices (for sketches from restored property map), there are differences, as the different tariffs are based on different regulations.

If the amount of the fee paid is higher than the amount, specified in the Tariff, a possible reason could be that based on the documents presented, the GCCO officer had ascertained and corrected errors in the data of cadastral register of immovable properties for the respective property (wrong name of the owner or bearer of another real right, street name, ID number, document number, etc.).  

In case a correction in the property and ownership data is necessary, additional fee is collected according to the a.m. Tariff - as the sketch is an excerpt of the cadastral map and cadastral register of immovable properties, the respective data has to be corrected before issuing the sketch.